About Jenny Joyce

Artist Statement

The visual arts have always resonated with me. As children, before we had a tv, we would gather around a book of my motherís, which had full color prints of the worldís 100 ìmost famousî paintings. And we would fabricate stories about the images. Now I realize how much that programmed me to love the narrative in the visual arts. The mystery of a good painting would intrigue me, and I still believe that mystery is always a component of my art.

There was a fabulous art department in my high school, and I took as many classes as I could. Following high school, I went on to get a degree in Fine Art Education from Hofstra University, in New York State.

Immediately after graduation I went into the Peace Corps, teaching English in Ethiopia, an invaluable experience. Leaving the US and experiencing such a different culture and economic climate opened me up to a world view that has to be experienced to be comprehended. I was married for several years to fellow Peace Corps volunteer, Bill Baumgartner. When our marriage ended, I returned to my maiden name, Joyce.

From the time of my return to this country until the present, I have focused on painting. Beginning in Abstract expessionism and moving to being primarily a landscape painter. I shared my love of painting and drawing with children as an Artist in the Schools, and began doing interrior and exterior murals, along with my studio work.

In 1993, my friend Joe Cotter called and told me that Mike Mcmenamin was looking for artists to paint doors for Edgefield, the former County Poor farm. So, I went with Joe to Edgefield one winter day, and showed my portfolio to Mr. Mcmenamin. We agreed that I would begin with a series of paintings on doors, which focused on the natural history of the area. The very first painting I did was an owl.

Over the years, of course, the subject matter has varied widely, from straight historical representation to wildly imaginative takes on history and people, straightforward decorative treatments like borders in rooms, spot pieces on walls, faces on pipes, lettering and portraiture. Working like this, in such a variety of settings and with many diverse goals, has been a wonderful opportunity to grow as an artist. There is the added benefit of working with a group of talented and inspiring artists, for a company that is unique in its vision.

Over my 16 years with the company I have been both an employee and a contract painter for the company. As a studio artist, I show paintings at the Portland Art Museumís Rental Sales Gallery and the Spiral Gallery in Estacada, OR.



Jenny has a way of layering history, color and an unerring sense of craftsmanship resulting in paintings that ring true and are a visual delight.
Mike McMenamin

Jennifer Joyce has been a distinguished Oregon artist since the mid 60's with a long list of commissions all over the city and state, including murals in places such as the Salem Hospital, various schools and libraries, and throughout several of the McMenamins' establishments. She has also been an active artist member of the Rental Sales Gallery of The Portland Art Museum since 1978, exhibiting her works there on consignment.† Her style and motif changes with the ever changing needs of her clientele, but a recognizable use of line and color give her works a look distinctly her own.† Many of Jenny's pieces evoke nostalgia and have a folk quality to them, while†others are mystical or surreal.† Color is often vivid and suggestive, with a more subdued palette used in her landscapes of Oregon imagery.† To see works available by Jenny Joyce at the Rental Sales Gallery, visit www.pam.org†or 1237 SW 10th Ave. near Jefferson.
Jennifer Zika, Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery Manager