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This past summer I worked on the restoration of John Freese’s wonderful “Longhouse Mural.” This was the latest Artback mural event in an annual summer tradition that is over25 years old. From its very beginning, artback has striven to be …Artist Driven and determined to create murals that serve to enhance the visuals of Estacada for the people of Estacada, and supported by the people of Estacada. The townspeople have been a profound player in all of our creative endeavors. Amazing to think of the support that has been continually there for us. I am so proud to have been a participating artist in this continuing experiment.

However, the time has finally arrived for me to step aside and move on to new challenges and projects. I actually moved from Estacada to Portland 15 years ago, but my commitment to and love of Artback and Estacada has been strong. But, times change, and I am grateful for all these opportunities and wish only the best for Artback and Estacada.