Lyle Hehn

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It has been weeks now since Lyle Hehn passed Away. It’s still hard to say “died.” He was not only a dear friend, but an incredible and foundational creator of the Mcmenamins look. What I guess your would call the visual brand of Mcmenamins. When I first met Lyle, he had already been very active for Mcmenamins, painting in the …

Why I Like to Prime Surfaces

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These days I usually buy pre-stretched canvasses, instead of building stretcher bars, stretching and priming the surface.  But, I still want to double or triple the primer coat. This act of priming is my first encounter with the surface I want to use to create a painting. Touching, and brushing the canvas several times, feeling the texture and getting used to …

Imaginary Landscapes (Guardino Gallery Show 2015)

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I have a habit of keeping a small drawing pad in which I draw imaginary concepts and/or places.  I troll through the pictures, and when one grabs me, I develop it into a painting.  The original drawing is enlarged and painted in color achieving a fullness only suggested by its humble origins and sometimes it really surprises me.