Help When You Need It 

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Many years ago, I was doing a job for the Clackamas County Library Headquaters in Oregon City.  As I was struggling on a ladder to do the exterior lettering, an older man stood watching me.  Why aren’t you using a pounce pattern?” He asked.  “What’s that?” I replied.  He explained that in a pounce pattern, you draw your design or lettering on paper, go over all the lines with a small spoked wheel, put it in place on the wall, and wipe it with a charcoal pad .  

 The artwork is revealed as a dotted line on the surface, ready to be painted. I used this technique for countless decorative patterns in Mcmenamin hotel rooms and lettering projects. 

His name was Mr. Bernard, and he had owned a sign painting shop for many years.  I will always be grateful for his advice and help. You never know when the right person is going to give you exactly the help you need at that time.  It just may just come in an unexpected way, and you might not recognize it as valuable. 

Photo: Pounce pattern , pattern in charcoal and pounce wheel.