Attic Gallery Opening

Jennifer JoyceArt News

Greetings friends, I am honored to be in the February show at the Attic Gallery in Camas WA. The show features abstract artists and runs through February.

When I work on abstract paintings, I see the painting as a character, a personality, and my job as the artist is to reveal the intent or meaning of that character.

This can be challenging because, as I like to say, I must listen to the painting. This takes patience, and time. Sometimes it is slow, and I do a lot of adding, layering and editing. Occasionally I get lucky, and a piece comes together smoothly.

I never know where a painting will end up, but I believe a painting needs three things, mystery, beauty and emotion. I don’t call it complete until I feel they are present.

Many thanks to Maria and Tomer @AtticGallery, for hosting this impressive show.