Happy Holidays from Jenny Joyce and Carl Solomon!

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“Here Comes the Light” ©2020 JJoyce My Holiday greeting focusses on the re-emergence of the light. There is the light of the sun, but also a whole new feeling that we are finally coming back into the daylight after being quarantined in our homes, for almost a year. These are the feelings I worked to capture in this image. Thank …

Home Show Postponed

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Due to the coronavirus, we are postponing my home show scheduled for this Saturday, March 28.  The new date will be announced when this crisis has passed. Meanwhile, I hope everyone is taking precautions and staying healthy, and, dare I say it,  happy.  Let’s get through this together. Thanks all, Jenny

Edgefield Mural Restoration

Scott Docherty Art News

 On March 4 I varnished the Music Mural at Edgefield.    It  has been a rare and wonderful opportunity for me to repair, restore and enhance a mural I originally painted 25 years ago.  The damage created by the flooding water demanded restoration and repair.  But it also gave me the chance to improve on the original, incorporating portraits of …