Two New Paintings for PAM Rental Sales Spring Show

Jennifer JoyceArt News

Greetings folks,

I am very happy to announce that these two paintings are part of The  Spring Show at the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery.  The gallery is located at 1237 SW 10th Ave., Portland, Oregon ,97205  and phone # is (503) 224-0674. These two new paintings are “THEY JUST KEEP COMING” (35”x44”) and “THE BIG HOUSE”.(22”x28”) Both are oil on Canvas.


This style of painting is a Stream of Consciousness.  When I perceive a need for a color, or a shape, or a design element, I paint what is demand by the painting.I keep going until I am satisfied with the beauty and balance of the final painting.  Beauty and Balance are always my final goals.  My personal feeling is that it reflects the overwhelming river of data and details demanding our attention in this current world.  My job is to turn that river into a thing of beauty.   


Architecture and structure have always interested me and I see that interest emerging in many of my recent paintings.  I didn’t plan to do a building but it emerged as an organizing structure.  This building is welcoming and warm and the field of green, blue and black orbs in the foreground might be a crowd of people.   As I have said, I follow the demands of the work of art, and this piece demanded to be a big home with many rooms surrounded by a crowd.

I encourage you to visit this Gallery and view them in the real world.  If you’re interested, right now(COVID)  you will need to make an appointment to come in and see the show, Give them a call on 503-224-0674 or email them at They would love to have you visit.

Stay well, Best,