What’s In a Title…

Jennifer JoyceArt News, Personal

Occasionally the title of a painting can be the initial inspiration .  All ready to be put down onto a surface.  This rarely happens to me. Sometimes, when I was more of an illustrator, the title would simply identify the focus/subject, like the name of the person in your portrait. When I was creating a scenario inspired by historical events, it might be humorous, imaginative,surreal, or entertaining and I could title it in a way as to explain some of the imagery simply further the mystery.

Since I am currently painting in the abstract mode, the title comes to me about halfway through the piece.  I like to believe that the painting is telling me what it wants. The title can really guide the final stages of completion, because now you know where you’re going.  

It definitely feels like an emotional bond with the work of art.

Cover art: Celebration House