Strand Gallery Exhibition

Scott DochertyArt News

I am proud to be having a solo exhibit at OSU‘s Strand Agricultural Hall. This is something of a retrospective, covering roughly 10 years of work and ranging from straight landscape to surrealism and abstraction. Basically it follows the wanderings of my creative studio work, wherever the muse has led me.  I love all these paintings no matter what the subject or style, and I’ve learned recently that our brains respond to a painting as they respond to personalities.   Consequently, each piece can be seen as a living entity if you will, and the longer I paint the more I feel an intense personal connection with each painting. As the artist,  I am struggling to reveal the painting wants to say. It can be a real struggle to hear your painting. There’s a dynamic in place here and my job as an artist is to employ the skills I have learned to bring forth the message the painting wants to say. 

These paintings started with Landscapes, fascinated with the shape and beauty of  agriculture. They have altered over the years into far reaching visual areas, yet this artist continues to be inspired by the organic elements and structures of the land.

As I have said elsewhere, in my mind, three things are crucial to art. Each piece must have mystery, emotion, and beauty. I can’t call a painting finished unless it satisfies my need for all three.

I want to thank the amazing Owen Premore for his expert assistance and and his aesthetic sense  in selecting these works, as well as  his skill in guiding me through the process of submitting these paintings.

Thank you also to the Strand Gallery for hosting  this exhibition which I consider a unique honor.