Two paintings for the Attic Gallery

Scott DochertyArt News

One is named Bijoux, because bijou is French for jewelry. And that painting simply felt like a lot of suspended jewels. These paintings evolve and like I have learned, we humans treat or regard paintings as other humans at least that’s how our brains work, So when I’m working on the painting, I feel like I am communicating in an odd way with an entity which wants to make a statement and it’s my job to bring it tomake that statement. In a painting like Bijoux, I don’t have a plan beforehand I simply develop it, and do my best to bring forth a completed beautiful work of art.

Bijoux. 22×28. August, 2203

The other is named By the Sea. Sometimes the painting starts as an abstract and evolves into a recognizable image. This is how By The Sea evolved. I love architecture and often feel like my paintings go in that direction so I follow that and I feel like all the imagery inside the building, can speak as though it’s showing us the emotions and thoughts that might be contained in that structure.

By The Sea. 24”x36”. Oil. August 2023