Rental Sales Gallery Celebration

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On  Saturday, October 19, from 2-3pm, I will be at the Portland Art Museum’s Rental Sales Gallery, at 1237 SW 10th Ave, in Portland. The Gallery is celebrating its 60th anniversary and I will be there to share my stories. By my reckoning, I’ve been a participating artist with the Rental Sales Gallery for about 40 years.  But who’s counting?  …


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The image of the reclining woman started out as an abstract painting many years ago.  I really liked it, but it never looked complete. Finally I completed the painting by pulling the image out of the background. Yasodara was the Japanese name for Buddha’s wife,  and I felt the flow of colorful background components fitted the concept of the continually …

John Freese – Artback

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  This past summer I worked on the restoration of John Freese’s wonderful “Longhouse Mural.” This was the latest Artback mural event in an annual summer tradition that is over25 years old. From its very beginning, artback has striven to be …Artist Driven and determined to create murals that serve to enhance the visuals of Estacada for the people of Estacada, and supported by …

Art Home Exhibition

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We had a great time on October 15,  at the opening party of the show at Art Home.  I want to thank the many guests for their sharing the fun time with us, and also thanks to the people who purchased art.  I believe you will have many years of viewing pleasure, if I may be so bold as to …


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At McMenamins we started painting exposed pipes, treating them as opportunities for creativity. Hence, I gravitated to painting the 2” pipe elbow which formed the perfect shape for whimsical faces.  I love the size, weight and shape of these miniature sculptures.

Imaginary Landscapes (Guardino Gallery Show 2015)

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I have a habit of keeping a small drawing pad in which I draw imaginary concepts and/or places.  I troll through the pictures, and when one grabs me, I develop it into a painting.  The original drawing is enlarged and painted in color achieving a fullness only suggested by its humble origins and sometimes it really surprises me.