Lightness and Darkness

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Here is something I heard years ago, and I paraphrase here.   Watercolorists like to pull form out of light, (light being the pure unpainted paper.) Whereas, oil painters like to pull form out of darkness,  (ie, Black or color close to black.) I feel most successful with watercolor when I do small spontaneous pieces that are not designed.  With oil paint, I love pulling the form out of darkness and bringing it forward to reach light. When painting with acrylic, you have some of the positives aspects of watercolor  but maybe not the brilliance.  Because it is the paint I have used for illustration and decorative work, I have developed a deep affection for the medium.  When I use it, I almost always have a design to follow, and I know where the light will be.and I can paint the color of the light.


Cover: “Distant Peaks” oil