Strand Gallery Exhibition

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I am proud to be having a solo exhibit at OSU‘s Strand Agricultural Hall. This is something of a retrospective, covering roughly 10 years of work and ranging from straight landscape to surrealism and abstraction. Basically it follows the wanderings of my creative studio work, wherever the muse has led me.  I love all these paintings no matter what the …

Lyle Hehn

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It has been weeks now since Lyle Hehn passed Away. It’s still hard to say “died.” He was not only a dear friend, but an incredible and foundational creator of the Mcmenamins look. What I guess your would call the visual brand of Mcmenamins. When I first met Lyle, he had already been very active for Mcmenamins, painting in the …

Finding Willem de Kooning

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When I was between my junior and senior years in college I got a job working at the Silver Seahorse restaurant and marina out on the east end of Long Island.  The great attraction was being in East Hampton and Amagansett out on the island, where a lot of New York artists spent the summer.  What a treat to catch site of a …

Capturing Oregon’s Magic

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This past weekend I visited a show that, sadly, ended on May 1. It was at the Hoffman Centerfor the Arts in Manzanita, and was titled Capturing Oregon’s Magic. It featured a sampling ofworks included in the book, “Oregon Painters Landscape to modernism, 1859-1959”.This is a wonderful book by Ginny Allen and Jody Klevit. It was a beautiful show. I …

Lightness and Darkness

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Here is something I heard years ago, and I paraphrase here.   Watercolorists like to pull form out of light, (light being the pure unpainted paper.) Whereas, oil painters like to pull form out of darkness,  (ie, Black or color close to black.) I feel most successful with watercolor when I do small spontaneous pieces that are not designed.  With oil paint, …

Visiting the Southwest

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I just returned from a short trip to New Mexico to look at art, paintings in particular. We visited galleries in Santa Fe,Taos and Albuquerque. I got a good intense dose of Southwest art. Art is BIG there. Landscapes featuring mountains, rock formations, indigenous people, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls and ravens are favorite subjects, and sometimes whimsy. Abstract art, not …

Help When You Need It 

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Many years ago, I was doing a job for the Clackamas County Library Headquaters in Oregon City.  As I was struggling on a ladder to do the exterior lettering, an older man stood watching me.  Why aren’t you using a pounce pattern?” He asked.  “What’s that?” I replied.  He explained that in a pounce pattern, you draw your design or lettering on …

Happy Holidays from Jenny Joyce and Carl Solomon!

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“Here Comes the Light” ©2020 JJoyce My Holiday greeting focusses on the re-emergence of the light. There is the light of the sun, but also a whole new feeling that we are finally coming back into the daylight after being quarantined in our homes, for almost a year. These are the feelings I worked to capture in this image. Thank …

Home Show Postponed

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Due to the coronavirus, we are postponing my home show scheduled for this Saturday, March 28.  The new date will be announced when this crisis has passed. Meanwhile, I hope everyone is taking precautions and staying healthy, and, dare I say it,  happy.  Let’s get through this together. Thanks all, Jenny